Positions Available!

Positions available at all levels: undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral. Please contact Dr. Macauley for more information.

Lab Renovations!

Before (August, 2017)

During (January, 2018)

After (May, 2018)

Highlights about our Research

January, 2018 – Press release about a GlycoNet grant awarded to Dr. Macauley and Dr. Klassen.

January, 2018 – Radio interview about the Glyco grant

November, 2017 – Article from the Faculty of Science introducing Dr. Macauley as a new Assistant Professor at the University

Highlights about our Team

May, 2018 – Emily R. gets invited to present her work in an oral presentation at the CSC in Edmonton.

May, 2018 – Emily R. and Jaesoo present their projects at the GlycoNet Symposium and Sialoglyco in Banff.

May, 2018 – Undergraduate Caleb Lobo receives a GlycoNet Summer Scholarship to work in the lab.

April, 2018 – Fahima Mozaneh and Toni Dimaano successfully complete 3rd and 4th year research projects, respectively, with oral presentations.

April, 2018 – Dr. Abhishek Bhattacherjee joins the lab as a Postdoctoral Fellow.

January, 2018 – Adel Imbia joins the lab as a Graduate Student.

January, 2018 – Susmita Sarkar joins the lab as a Research Technician.

November, 2017 – Dr. Dharmendra Raghuwanshi joins the lab as a Postdoctoral Fellow.

September, 2017 – An NIH grant is awarded to Dr. Macauley to continue research on the role for glycans in coordinating the Germinal Centre.

September, 2017 – Emily Rodrigues and Jaesoo Jung join the lab as PhD and Master’s students, respectively.